An Old Problem: Aging Pipelines Lead to Deadly Explosions

Many wonder what they can do to protect themselves after Thursday’s stunning explosions in Lawrence, Mass., that left one dead and at least 25 others injured.

The natural gas pipeline in the United States is vast, sprawling across 2.5 million miles in a complex pressurized system that delivers a quarter of the energy consumed nationwide, according to the American Gas Association. Many of the pipes are old, and utilities are in various stages of replacing them to improve safety.

Household debt creeps up

The amount households owe, relative to their income, crept higher in the second quarter, even as mortgage borrowing continued to slow, Statistics Canada said.

The agency said Friday credit market debt as a proportion of household disposable income increased to 169.1 per cent as growth in debt outpaced income.

Oil production hits record

The world’s supply of oil hit a record last month, yet another sign of oil’s dominance over the energy landscape.

The International Energy Agency said Thursday that the global oil supply reached 100 million barrels a day for the first time ever, boosted by rising production in the U.S. and several OPEC nations.

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