Researchers use gut bacteria to turn type A or B blood into universal donors

Bacteria found in the human gut could save countless lives by transforming type A or type B blood into type O.

At a meeting of the American Chemical Society today, Steve Withers of the University of British Colombia presented new research suggesting enzymes found in gut bacteria could effectively strip antigens from the two most common blood types. If successful, the discovery would essentially make most types of blood accessible to those who need it, regardless of their blood type.

China Is Leading in Artificial Intelligence–and American Businesses Should Take Note

Living in China in the early 2000s changed my perspective. I saw firsthand that the outside world’s view–China was good at copying but bad at innovating–was simply wrong. While many were focused on the low prices of Chinese imports and those eerily similar Chinese knockoffs of beloved Western gadgets and appliances, it was clear to me, from meeting companies like Baidu and Huawei, that something tectonic was happening. China, it turns out, was building a global artificial intelligence empire, and seeding the tech ecosystem of the future.

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