Brazilian Equities: Making Sense Of The Recent Rally


  • Brazilian equities were up sharply on Tuesday and Wednesday, driven by polling results on the upcoming Presidential election.
  • I believe that candidate Jair Bolsonaro’s rejection rate, however, could make a win in the run-off election of October 28th a tough proposition.
  • I believe market fears to be a bit exaggerated, even in the event of a left-wing victory later this month. But volatility should be expected.
Cannabis Equities are Sky-High as Canada Legalization Nears

Canadian equities investors see a whole lot of green when it comes to cannabis-related stocks … and we’re not just talking about the product. The market performance of companies involved in marijuana cultivation and its medicinal and recreational uses has been one of the biggest stories of the year.

An intriguing addition to any portfolio, cannabis equities have gained attention and momentum as economic, legislative and cultural factors dovetail.

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