Kelt Exploration Ltd. (KEL:CA) Rises 5.84% for April 08

Kelt Exploration Ltd. (KEL:CA) Rises 5.84% for April 08

April 08 was a positive day for Kelt Exploration Ltd. (KEL:CA) as its stock finished the day having gained 5.84% to hit a price of $5.80 a share. The company reached a market cap of 1.07 billion and has 184.01 million shares outstanding. Kelt Exploration Ltd. is a component of the the S&P/TSX Composite Index.

722,944 shares changed hands over the course of the day as compared to an average volume of n/a over the last 30 days for Kelt Exploration Ltd..

Kelt Exploration Ltd is an oil and gas company that focuses on the exploration, development, and production of crude oil and natural gas in Canada. Assets for production are acquired through purchase of other corporate entities or through a full-cycle exploration program. Kelt traditionally focuses its exploration activities on areas with multizone hydrocarbon potential in Canada. The company owns pipeline infrastructure in some of its core regions to help move its products to domestic markets. Product offerings for the energy firm consist of crude oil, natural gas liquids, and natural gas, with a majority of revenue delivered by oil production.. The company makes its home in Calgary, AB, and is currently under the leadership of CEO David Wilson.

Kelt Exploration Ltd. has hit a high of $10.01 and reached a low of $3.97 over its last year of trading. The stock’s 50-day SMA is now $n/a and 200-day SMA is $n/a. As for its price valuations, the P/E ratio is at n/a and P/B is now 1.19.

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