Red-Hot Battery Technology Space Poised for Great Disruption with New AI-Based Tech

How EV Battery Technologies (OTC:CRYBF) (CSE: ACDC) Aims to Solve the World’s Greatest Battery Problem and Revolutionize Batteries Forever

There’s a radical shift underway in energy, taking place in most developed countries towards renewable resources.

Lawmakers are incentivizing major energy overhauls through grants and mandates, in order to shift from traditional power generation to largescale smart power grids, and energy storage.[1],[2],[3],[4]

We’re already seeing major projects coming online right now, including a pair of giant battery storage projects in California and Florida.[5]

In the USA alone, energy storage capacity is expected to grow a whopping 12x by 2024.[6]

Over that same period, the US energy storage market is projected to grow into a $5.4 billion in 2024.[7]

By 2025, the global battery technology market is projected to be worth $152.3 billion.[8]

By 2030, both the BNEF and IEA are forecasting global energy storage will double 6 times.[9]

This is BIG business!

However, in order to get there, there are still some major technological advances are still needed to pull this off.

Completely changing over power sources isn’t easy, and at times can even be dangerous… as seen in Arizona where at one of the state’s first battery installations resulted in a fire and explosion that injured several first responders.[10]

As we scale up our capabilities for utility-scale energy storage and smart power grids, battery technology will need to assure the public of its SAFETY, EFFICIENCY, and LONGEVITY.

This is not going to be easy.

But for those who can develop the technology to handle this major transition, there is a MAJOR breakthrough investment opportunity at stake.

The field is known simply as Battery Management Systems (BMS)—an industry projected to be worth $12.6 billion by 2024,[11] and later $22.3 billion by 2030.[12]

Today, we’ve identified an incredibly overlooked BMS stock, with a plethora of battery disruptive technologies that could soon become the backbone of the energy revolution…

No, we’re not talking about Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA).

Although, we ARE talking about one of Tesla’s most innovative competitors to date.

In their journey to launch, we believe this company has the best chance of challenging Tesla as a household within the household itself.

Just recently, they announced the specs for the launch of their Home Smart Wall technology built with state-of-the art patented AI-driven technology, that’s designed to compete with, and potentially outperform Tesla’s Powerwall.

The Home Smart Wall’s system is the “only product in the market that is able to remotely analyze and repair your battery system.”

The launch of this ground-breaking technology is set for the coming weeks, while this company hopes to be able to deliver the Home Smart Wall series to customers’ homes within 2021.

However, investors looking to capitalize on this company’s innovation don’t have to wait, as it’s not only trading publicly now, but it’s at an early-enough stage that the rest of the market has yet to take notice of the revolutionary potential of their technology before it takes off.

Bringing the Home Smart Wall and other fascinating battery breakthroughs to market is the up-and-coming stock:

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. (OTC:CRYBF) (CSE: ACDC).

With a growing library of BMS technology patents designed to meet the growing demand for scalable, smart solutions for both the rapidly growing Electric Vehicle (EV) and Energy Storage Solution (ESS) markets, EV Battery Tech is perfectly positioned to make 2021 an electric year for their investors.

Meet EV Battery Technologies

and the

5 Advantages That Position this Company

for a MAJOR Disruption in the Space

  • AI-Integrated Smart BMS Technology

    One of the ONLY current battery management system platforms today that offers two-way communication between the grid, the energy storage system, and the energy generation sites—providing the solutions of tomorrow TODAY.
  • Strategic Partnership with Established Battery Leader

    EV Battery Technologies has secured a crucial partnership with Chinese preeminent battery technologies developer Jiangsu RichPower New Energy Co. Ltd, which is already supplier for Tesla and has established its own commercial market in Asia. The agreement gives EV Battery Tech exclusive rights to distribute and implement these systems in North and South America, Europe, and Africa.
  • MAJOR Efficiency Upgrades

    EV Battery Tech’s offerings provide an improvement over the existing in multiple ways, including: Individual cell replacement within battery pack (instead of full replacement)

    Repairs and real-time monitoring of each cell within the entire battery pack Remote monitoring and maintenance
    AI-driven system improvements
    Real-time collection of Meta Data
    Life extension due to smart BMS which works and repairs cells
  • Ecologically Responsible and Active

    EV Battery Tech (OTC:CRYBF) (CSE: ACDC) uses used/recycled batteries in all of their solutions. By doing this, their reliance upon new sources of raw materials is diminished, while also doing their part to reduce and eliminate e-waste, which in 2020 alone reached over 53 million tonnes.[13]
  • Dynamic Peak Shaving

    By incorporating a BMS of EV Battery Tech’s calibre, utility providers, large buildings, smart charging stations and remote industrial operations can all benefit from what’s called Dynamic Peak Shaving which means energy can be purchased outside of the grid’s peak use times to recharge the ESS, and handle large portions of the load through smart battery management during the times of greatest consumption. This provides not only better grid security, but also could represent massive savings for users who would be purchasing less energy during the times of its most expensive rates.


We’re entering an age where renewable energy is starting to dominate the discussion over where our power needs to come from.

Unfortunately, in many cases, these power sources (ie. wind, solar, wave etc.) come with challenges that need to be overcome before they can be fully relied upon.

When power is generated in those forms, the timing doesn’t always correlate with the heavier demand periods that the grid and its huge amount of consumers want it.

So whenever a utility provider talks about these types of power sources, inevitably that discussion will include what’s known as an Energy Storage Solution (ESS).

Typically when they do this, they’re referring to a lithium-ion grid-integrated solution—ie. a giant battery location.

But you can’t safely and efficiently have that without a Battery Management System (BMS).

Currently, the world is operating these projects with only basic BMS capabilities.

What Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. (CSE:ACDC) (FSE:EVBT) offers to enhance this solution is an AI-integrated smart BMS.

As the world transitions to smart grids, this will be an absolute requirement to handle the load.

By implementing a smart BMS system, such as EV Battery Tech’s, the end-users benefit greatly from more sustainable power consumption that’s balanced out by what’s called Dynamic Peak Shaving.

This allows the system to recharge and store energy during the periods of lower consumption, and deliver energy to help carry the load during those peak times of need.

As well, this can (and should) significantly help usher in the electric vehicles revolution, which today is being hampered by inefficient charging station technology.

In the case of what EV Battery Tech (OTC:CRYBF) (CSE: ACDC) is offering, it breaks down to a “smart” vs “dumb” charging station debate.

Essentially, if a grand rollout of new infrastructure is coming to accommodate the wave of EVs hitting the roads in the years to come—it would be extremely wise if they were done “smartly”.

This means, incorporating peak dynamic shaving, remote monitoring, meeting smart grid guidelines, and collecting real-time meta data to improve efficiency.


While there is still quite a bit of planning underway to move major population centres and energy demands over to renewables, the reality is it’s going to take some major technological advancements before we can safely make the jump.

Thankfully, EV Battery Technologies (CSE:ACDC) (FSE:EVBT) is offering one of the best solutions for this transition TODAY.

In order to get to where we need to be, there needs to be big technological shifts in everything from delivery of power to storage of power to maintenance of power… and ultimately how we consume power.

 And all that requires smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning, which is central to EV Battery’s offerings.

However, in order to have proper AI, you’re going to need roughly 10+ years of data points gathered—all of which need to be all encompassing to be valuable.

Hence, this is where the partnership with RichPower is so crucial.

Despite the fact that EV Battery Technologies has only been trading publicly since late last year, they come fully loaded with the expertise of RichPower, which has been developing this technology for quite some time now.

In this field, RichPower’s expertise is respected and drawn upon for several new battery tech platforms. Even Tesla sources some of their materials from RichPower.

Therefore, the relationship with RichPower and its over 70 globally recognized patents give EV Battery Technologies a huge running head start.

Through the partnership agreement, EV Battery Technologies has exclusive rights to these patents in a wide variety of markets, as they launch their products into North and South America, Europe, and Africa.

“We are very happy to be bringing our technology to the global markets through our partner EV Battery Technologies. We are extremely proud of our technology and the market share we have captured in Asia and we are now excited to partner with EV Battery Tech to become a disruptive force in the global markets.”

– Jingke (Jack) Han, President and CEO of RichPower


The patented technologies exclusively offered through EV Battery Technologies (OTC:CRYBF) (CSE: ACDC) provide significant improvements to the basic BMS options currently in place, including: Longer Life, Heightened Battery Use Efficiency, More Accurate Reading, Real-Time Monitoring, and Remote Maintenance.

Longer Life comes from real-time power routing options to avoid and minimize damage. This includes the innovation of exclusion and isolation of individual damaged cells. The system re-routes power by excluding these damaged cells, while delivering a notice for routine maintenance to repair or replace the problematic source.

Overall this leads to heightened battery use efficiency. By differentiating between individual cell issues in real time, the system can continue to deliver constant power optimization and flow control, while also extending the life of the battery and delivering massive cost savings.

System administrators are given the tools to accurately read the system as it is running, and make adjustments (ie. repairs, re-routings, replacements and schedule maintenance) on the fly.

 “We are very fortunate to be bringing proven technology to the North American market. RichPower has not only commercialized these technologies but made a name for themselves in China. We now have the opportunity to work with them to become an early mover in the North American market.”

– Bryson Goodwin, President and CEO of EV Battery Tech


While the latest release for EV Battery Technologies (OTC:CRYBF) (CSE: ACDC) targets the home through the Ionix Home Smart Wall product, the company is very much focused on targeting the even larger markets of utility-scale operations—ie. large-scale ESS sites.

Even should they capture a small percentage of those BMS contracts, and EV Battery Tech instantly becomes a very successful company.

As it stands now, the general public is likely more aware of the battery manufacturers themselves, such as Tesla, Panasonic, and Energizer, to name a few.

But the BMS space itself is lesser known, and involves a very small number of players.

So for EV Battery Tech to enter this portion of the market with a smart solution, doesn’t come with the kinds of barriers to entry as some might expect at this stage in the game.

We’re talking about an EARLY play here. This is a NEW industry unfolding before our very eyes.

And it’s growing quite rapidly, as the Global Battery Management System Market is expected to rise at an incredible CAGR of around 18.5% until 2025.[14]

*EV Battery Technologies only began trading in October 2020.

**All prices (unless marked) in USD, and taken from Yahoo! Finance on January 12, 2021


For any renewable energy revolution to take place, the tw o aspects of storage and management are absolutely fundamental to the success of the operation.

Right now, the newly generated energy is stored in large ESS sites, and the grid draws upon them as needed.

It’s a one-way transaction.

Where the future is going, is a two-way transaction.

The grid and the ESS need to communicate back and forth to work at peak efficiency levels.

More importantly, the BMS system—provided by EV Battery Technologies (OTC:CRYBF) (CSE: ACDC)—needs to work in a cohesive way, communicating not only with the grid itself, but also with the energy provider (ie. solar or wind generation sites).

Bringing these two entities together in harmony is key to this working out well for us.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Current BMS systems don’t do this at all!

“Our solution is pretty much the only solution of today that will meet the requirements of tomorrow, on this market of grid integration.”

– Bryson Goodwin, President and CEO of EV Battery Tech


As it’s been stressed throughout this report, in order to achieve any grand goals of moving to renewable energy sources, it’s clear that Energy Storage Systems (ESS) will need to be in place.

Many of those in use at the moment are based on lithium-ion batteries—which EV Battery Technologies (OTC:CRYBF) (CSE: ACDC) provides solutions for.

As we transition, this form of battery may change too. However, with over ten years of accumulated data at its disposal, EV Battery Tech is well equipped to handle today’s batteries, as well as to tomorrow’s.

This isn’t just simple data, either. It’s very complex data that’s been used to train the AI to work as efficiently as possible.

EV Battery Tech’s AI-integration allows for remote maintenance and monitoring, and even in some cases allows for repair.

For safety reasons, their system will even go in and re-route power around broken or defective cells. Because of the sheer enormity of these ESS platforms, and the energy levels they contain, this type of BMS presents an absolute gamechanger, that could give more confidence to markets that have witnessed accidents such as in Arizona, and allow them to more comfortably make the switch.

By integrating EV Battery Tech’s BMS, the power supply not only can continue to deliver, but to do it safely and securely.

The applications of such a technology are vast, moving beyond just utility-scale operations, but also into medical and healthcare, telecommunications, military and defense, consumer electronics, and also electric vehicles (EVs).


Before we move into the age of renewable energy, some BIG changes are needed in terms of the technology required to maintain such a system.

Thankfully, there are solutions available TODAY—and they’re coming from Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. (OTC:CRYBF) (CSE: ACDC).


They’re poised to deliver BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS that no one else today is providing, with the expertise, data, and technology behind them to truly capitalize on a MAJOR investment opportunity only seen once per generation.

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