IoT Experts Tapping into the Trillion Dollar Market One Solution at a Time

IoT Experts Tapping into the Trillion Dollar Market One Solution at a Time

Sensor and Logistics Experts Direct Communications Services Inc. (CSE:DCSI) are Helping Businesses Monitor Their Assets “Anytime, Anywhere”

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is well under way, as investors prepare for a world where worldwide technology spending on IoT that could surpass a trillion dollars in 2022.[[1]]

Between 2017 and 2022, the sector is expected to grow CAGR of 21.6% [[2]]— a very impressive double-digit rate.

Things are going to be getting a lot faster, easier, and effective.

Thanks to cheaper processors and faster wireless networks, practically any device or object will be capable of incorporation into the IoT.

Before the true advent of the IoT explodes into reality, investors have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor with the industry experts at the forefront of the revolution.

Given its newly IPO’d status, Direct Communication Solutions Inc. (CSE:DCSI)is still under most investors’ radar—despite having a very impressive portfolio of clients and IoT offerings.

The company recently raised gross proceeds of $2,657,000 from the placement of 1,328,500 shares priced at $2.00 per share.

IoT is the next step of technological evolution. It represents the future, and DCS knows it.

From 2G to 4G and soon to be 5G, Direct Communication Solutions Inc. (CSE:DCSI) has seen the advancement from personal computer to smartphones, to modern sensors.

With 50+ years of combined experience in the IoT space, Direct Communication Solutions Inc. (CSE:DCSI) is led by an impeccable team that is more than capable of making the IoT evolution possible… today.

Direct Communication Solutions Inc.

Company – Direct Communication Solutions Inc.
Share Price: CAD$1.99
Market Cap: ~CAD$34M

Recently IPO’d Direct Communication Solutions Inc. (CSE:DCSI)consists of wireless engineers and industry experts helping customers navigate the Internet of Things (IoT).

DCS has traditionally sold within various hardware related verticals tied to the broad IoT market. They’ve already built a client base of businesses seeking embedded wireless modules, bundled wireless solutions, or consultation in buying the right wireless products.

The company has wisely positioned itself with IoT solutions in three major potential markets:

  • Fleet management
  • Sensors and supply chain management
  • Beer and cannabis asset management

Essentially, they connect all the things in the IoT.


Through their state-of-the-art engineering, Direct Communication Solutions Inc. (CSE:DCSI)has developed two significant flagship technologies:

  • MiFleet
    Cloud based fleet management solution that is highly customizable, user friendly and cost effective. The applicable industry size is est. $1.5 Trillion USD.[[3]]
  • MiSensors
    Enterprise level solution that tracks and monitors multiple aspects of a business. The sensor market is projected to surpass a quarter of Trillion USD by 2025.[[4]]

The potential for incorporating the Internet of Things into Supply Chain Management is truly massive.

Back in 2015, delivery giant DHL and tech giant Cisco estimated that IoT technologies, such as asset tracking solutions could have an impact of more than $1.9 trillion in the supply chain and logistics sector.[[5]]


This realization by the biggest players in the game has already led to a wide-scale transformation of the sector at large.

A recent survey by GT Nexus and Capgemini found that 70% of retail and manufacturing companies have already started a digital transformation project in their supply chain and logistics operations.[[6]]

MEET MiFleet

Saving clients time, money, and headaches, Direct Communication Solutions Inc. (CSE:DCSI)developed its MiFleet platform to offer best-in-class, innovative 4G LTE IoT solutions to their customers without having to invest in hardware, software or resources to develop and/or deploy technology.

Built to be an enterprise grade, fleet management solution that enables companies to optimize their fleet operations, MiFleet increases businesses’ operational efficiencies, and decreases costs—including fuel consumption, labor & maintenance, and potentially even insurance premiums.

Highly customizable to service their clients’ business needs, MiFleet removes all the contracts, complexities and costs from fleet management strategies.

The cloud-based GPS fleet tracking and management software platform is iconic, intuitive, and interactiveenabling fleets with the latest technology at an affordable price.

It’s designed to provide a solution for all sorts of asset types:

  • Public Safety
    Municipalities, School Buses, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Road Maintenance, etc.
  • Construction
    General Construction, Contractors, Renovators, etc.
  • Cold Chain Management
    Food and Beverage, Medical Supplies, Temperature Monitoring, etc.
  • Services & Trades
    Landscaping, HVAC, Electricians, Pest Control, Plumbing, Roofing, Contractors, etc.
  • Distribution
    Retail, Delivery, For-Hire Carriers, Long-Haul Trucking, Private Fleet, Distributors, etc.
  • Hospitality
    Hotel Transportation, Limo Services, Ride Share, Medical Transport, Community Transportation, etc.
  • Oil, Gas & Mining
    Oil, Gas, and Mining, OGM Services, Pipeline Construction, Surveying, etc.
  • Utilities
    Utilities, Utility Co-ops, etc.

MEET MiSensors

Designed to be used in conjunction with MiFleet or on its own, Direct Communication Solutions Inc. (CSE:DCSI) has designed its state-of-the-art MiSensors to help clients protect and monitor their assets in real-time.

Down time can be extremely costly, as can lost product due to unfavorable conditions. MiSensors is a cost effective, highly dependable enterprise level remote monitoring application designed to keep businesses and their customers producing.

Remote monitoring significantly helps businesses, by:

  • Saving Time
    Allows business owners to monitor multiple locations remotely, enabling them to devote their time to where it’s needed most.
  • Reducing Operations Costs
    Instant Alerts help businesses fix problems before they become costly disasters, and manage asset maintenance, ensuring daily operations perform to the highest standards.
  • Increasing Productivity
    Eliminates time wasted manually recording data. Remote monitoring stores sensor data in the cloud for instant access, allowing users to focus on other important areas.


Direct Communication Solutions Inc. (CSE:DCSI) developed The Brewsee to provide an industry wide solution that aims to monetize every penny from every keg of beer.

The US beer market alone is worth nearly $120 billion per year.[[7]]

Brewsee’s usefulness isn’t just limited to beer, as there’s also been proposals by Direct Communication Solutions Inc. (CSE:DCSI) to incorporate itself into the emerging cannabis market.

The newly legal marijuana market is projected to be worth $66.3 billion by 2025, growing at a rapid CAGR of 23.9%.[[8]]

Both the beer and cannabis markets have very similar needs when it comes to sensors and utilizing the data from those sensors. Each of their products are temperature sensitive, and have a limited shelf life.

With this in mind, logistics data obtained from sensors can be very significant in a company’s operations.

Moving into these two sectors appears to be a very wise move by Direct Communication Solutions Inc. (CSE:DCSI) management.


Direct Communication Solutions Inc. (CSE:DCSI) is led by a team of intrepid developers dedicated to removing the complexities from IoT solutions, and building a company focused on deploying end-to-end solutions, while reducing the number of companies it takes to create them.

The company was founded by Chief Executive Officer, Chris Bursey,a wireless communications pioneer with more than 20 years of industry expertise. Ranging from cellular payment processing to the creation of cellular routers and GPS monitoring devices, Bursey’s career has been dedicated to the adoption of wireless technologies across several industries.

A former air traffic controller in the US Navy aboard the USS Midway and USS Kitty Hawk, Bursey’s passion for wireless communication continued to grow after proudly serving his country. This experience evolved through sales, business development and channel development roles at Novatel Wireless, Motorola (now Teli), Wavecom and CalAmp Wireless Networks.

Prior to helming Direct Communication Solutions Inc. (CSE:DCSI), Bursey was instrumental in developing NexAira’s wiresless strategy, which positioned NexAira as the premier device manufacturer for rural cellular networks and Mobile Virtual Network Operators in North America.

Bursey’s intuition and industry experience have evolved Direct Communication Solutions Inc. (CSE:DCSI) from a cellular modem distribution company into a solutions integrator which cellular networks lean on for its business solutions.

Helping him achieve this vision is Chief Technology Officer, Eric Placzek, who joined DCS in 2014 to lead a team of engineers that drive the technical direction for the company. Placzek fulfills a key role in developing new solutions to cater to the ever-changing needs of the market, by evaluating technical needs, assessing risk, and qualifying engineering support to assure profitability. He’s been tasked with expanding DCS into untapped verticals.

They’re supported from a business standpoint by Chief Financial Officer, Rich Gomberg, Chief Operating Officer, Dave Scowby, and Executive VP of Business Development, Mike Lawless.

Rich Gomberg has built a career with 20 years of experience of accounting, finance, and transaction experience that has translated into negotiating licensing agreements, structured financing terms, and preparing audited financial reports. Most notably, his career has included instrumental roles in raising over $300 million in capital for both public and private companies in the life sciences and technology industries.

Dave Scowby joined DCS in 2014, having held positions at ALK Technologies, Inc. (now Trimble Maps), L1 Technologies, Inc. and his own Sports Management Firm. He brings over 18 years of experience in transportation and logistics software, as well as nearly 8 years in wireless communications spanning engineering, operations, sales, marketing and finance.

Mike Lawless brings nearly 20 years of sales leadership experience, coupled with a BSc in Information Technology. His primary roles are to aid the company in building its image and reputation within the tech industry, and grow DCS’ business solutions portfolio. Prior to joining Direct Communication Solutions Inc. (CSE:DCSI), Lawless (like Bursey) is a Navy combat veteran, having served during Operation Desert Storm, and held a position at NexAira. He has also held senior sales positions at Kyocera Wireless, Wavecom, and Metrum Technologies.

Direct Communication Solutions Inc. (CSE:DCSI) helps its customers navigate the Internet of Things landscape through its wireless engineers and industry experts. Their clients range from those seeking recommendations on embedded wireless modules to individuals wanting bundled wireless solutions to companies needing assistance with buying the right wireless products. Direct Communication Solutions, Inc. has developed a portfolio of cellular based solutions that connect all the “things” in the Internet of Things. The Issuer has been primarily a hardware reseller that is now steadily moving to a SAAS recurring revenue model, including service contracts, that provides complete turnkey IOT solutions for new and existing customers.


  1. In 2022, worldwide IoT technology spending is expected to surpass a trillion dollars.
  2. Cloud-based fleet management solution, MiFleet targets $1.5 trillion industry.
  3. Enterprise-level solution, MiSensors help track and monitor multiple aspects of a business, in a sensor market projected to surpass a quarter trillion dollars by 2025.
  4. DHL and Cisco estimate IoT technologies such as asset tracking solutions could have an impact of more than $1.9 trillion in the supply chain and logistics sector.
  5. Already 70% of retail and manufacturing companies have already started a digital transformation project in their supply chain and logistics operations.
  6. The Brewsee is targeting the ~$120B beer market, and the emerging $66B cannabis market through helping businesses monitor temperature and limited shelf lives.
  7. Elite management team with 50+ years of combined IoT and industry-specific experience.

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