Fannie Mae 8.25% Pfd Ser S (OTCQB:FNMAS) Up +5.19%

Fannie Mae 8.25% Pfd Ser S (OTCQB:FNMAS) Up +5.19%

At close of market on Wednesday, Fannie Mae 8.25% Pfd Ser S (OTCQB:FNMAS) stock finished trading at +5.19%, bringing the stock price to $11.15 on the OTCQB – U.S. Registered. The stock price saw a low of $10.86 and a high of $11.35.

The company’s stock was traded 1,598 times with a total of 8,634,509 shares traded.

Fannie Mae 8.25% Pfd Ser S has a market cap of $3.12 billion, with 280 million shares in issue.

Fannie Mae is the nonbank financial services company. Its objective is to tear down barriers, lower costs, and increase the opportunities for homeownership and affordable rental housing for all Americans. The company operates in the secondary mortgage market by purchasing mortgage loans and mortgage-related securities, from mortgage market institutions, such as commercial banks, savings and loan associations, mortgage banking companies, securities dealers and other investors. It has two business segments namely Single-Family and Multifamily. Most of the revenue is derived from the Single-Family segment.

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