The Booming Cannabis Sector is in Serious Need of Custom Delivery Logistics: TrackLoop Analytics is Right On Target.

There is a dire need to streamline operations in food, pharma, and cannabis. 23% of the world’s annual food production is lost due to poor logistics, food safety, and lack of training. Current logistics solutions are challenging to implement due to poor software compatibility and high integration costs— this is a sector that desperately needs innovation. Newcomer TrackLoop Analytics has some real solutions.

Approximately 40% of the world’s annual food production is lost due to poor logistics, food safety, and lack of training according to Eco Business, fueling immediate demand for “regulated” real-time traceability along the food, bio-pharma and cannabis supply chains. In the case of Cannabis, a large portion of the industry (growers, processors, logistics) still relies on paper or non-universal barcoded recording.

In fact, Forbes’ claims that in the developed world, a full 30% of all perishable produce and products never make it all the way from the farm to the table. The result is a crushing case of waste, while creating an opportunity to apply high tech to improve upon streamlining transportation to growing populations and areas where food insecurity runs high.

One method used to protect against losses across multiple biomass markets (food, cannabis, medications) is cold chain management and monitoring—namely, temperature-controlled production, storage and distribution activities.

This is maintained globally, through cold chain logistics, of which demand is on the rise. Refrigerated boxes make up 7% of total container volumes, but over the past five years demand increased by 5% to 6% annually, compared with 2-3% for regular containers that move almost all of the world’s manufactured goods as spelled out in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

As these demands grow, so too does the overall value of cold chain logistics. Based on numbers from the industry forwarded by Tactical Business analytics, the global cold chain market is projected to be worth more than $450 billion by 2025.6

The real sweet spot for companies like TrackLoop Analytics (CSE: TOOL – OTC: TLOOF) is obviously the fast-emerging cannabis market. There is an increasing demand for compliant and refrigerated urban delivery of Cannabis. The role of temperature on product integrity, effectiveness and safety during processing, storage and delivery are becoming a necessity with cannabis producer and distributors.

In order to monitor operations from seed to consumer, requires a complex network of monitored data, and real-time tracking. Backed by a team of senior executives and engineers with extensive experience in data analytics, temperature-controlled hardware and software, supply chain management, AI, and IoT, TrackLoop is capable of successfully integrating disruptive technology into the operations of producers and distributors of all sizes. The team possesses a deep understanding of local, national, and global markets and hands-on experience with digital assets for processing and logistics.

TrackLoop Analytics Corp.
Market Cap: $6.27 million

Already, TrackLoop has been able to cultivate relationships with significant organizations both large and small. Within the food sector, TrackLoop has successfully aligned itself for cold chain tracking with major grocery retailers for their home delivery operation such as Walmart through independent distributors Food-X and They are also gaining traction with major organizations such as BYD with IoT based cold chain management operated on full electric delivery fleets.

We looked at the market potential for TrackLoop and found some impressive opportunity.

TrackLoop is providing one of the first fully integrated Supply Chain Management (SCM) platforms for the emerging Cannabis, Food & Pharma logistics industry. It’s turnkey real-time tracking solutions offer the very latest in IoT and AI, providing valuable data and business intelligence to some of world’s leading brands.

Beginning with an initial focus on three jurisdictions in particular (Canada, USA, EU), the company is targeting major potential. They each jurisdiction to be capable of yielding 10,000 producers and 13,000 distributors—each at $25,000 ARR per enterprise. That works out to an annual market potential of about $575 million.

The company assumes its initial penetration rate of IoT-based track and trace software to be 2% by 2021. Already, TrackLoop has secured an early partnership with one cannabis licensed producer (LP), and 3-5 top ERPs.

Above all, TrackLoop offers incredible value to its clients. By its estimates TrackLoop streamlines key operating conditions along the supply chain at 30% of the industry standard cost and 20% of the time, compared to the current control systems. In an industry counted by single digit savings, this is a real game changer.

See the detailed report on TrackLoop Analytics and the cannabis infrastructure space at

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